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    Learn the skills that turn your business relationships into SERIOUS business relationships: Videos, learning resources, and peer discussions.


    Continue the dialogue beyond the learning videos. A safe space to network, collaborate, and share ideas to improve your business relationships.


    Meet in person twice a month to discuss topics critical to relationship quality, listen to experts share ideas, and discuss topics relevant to your organization and culture.

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Learning Videos: Overview

Included in the Learning Videos

The Book | Videos | Online Discussions

  1. 2
    • Course Note-taker with Visuals

    • Intro Part 1: Relationships Make Business Sense

    • Introduction Part 2: Identifying Common Relationship Types/Patterns

    • Conversation #1: It is All About Defining Outcomes

    • Conversation #2: Centricity & Culture /Relationship's Core

    • Conversation #3: Engagement is More Than Communication

    • Conversations #4 & 5: Responsibility & Accountability

    • Conversation #6: Transparency and Trust in Relationship Development

    • Conversation #7: Designing Intentional Experiences

  2. 3
    • Book (online-only): Serious Relationships/The Seven Elements of Successful Busines Relationships 3rd Edition

  3. 4
  4. 5
    • Introduction Part 1 (Business Model ROI) Review and Questions Only (course refresher)

    • Introduction Part 2 (Relationship Types) Review and Questions Only (course refresher)

    • Conversation #1: Defining Outcomes/ Review and Questions Only (course refresher)

    • Conversation #2: Centricity & Culture/ Review and Questions Only (course refresher)

    • Conversation #3: Engagement/ Review and Questions Only (course refresher)

    • Conversations #4 & 5: Accountability & Knowledge/ Review and Questions Only (course refresher)

    • Conversation #6:Transparency Before Trust/ Review and Questions Only (course refresher)

    • Conversation #7: Staging Intentional Experiences/ Review and Questions Only (course refresher)

  5. 6
    • Special Guest Interviews: Building Stronger Stakeholder Relationships

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What happens when people share what they learn and support one another to build quality customer, employee, and partner relationships? Positive change. Better customer experiences. Engaged teams. Retention. Enrichment. Advocacy...
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